Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Palin: Decoded

How Palin got so far is a mystery to us all, but with the help of the greatest man alive, a window into the wonderland of Palin's artistic mind is open.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Romance: Around The World

If i ever get the opportunity to watch a documentary like this, I will. Too bad the town I live in only has beer as it's primary "Culture"

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sewing: There's Reason To Like It

I've never wanted to sew as badly as I do now. This website has tons of bizarre, inspirational, and adorable plushies.

Deals: Extreme In Nature

If you ever need any replacement parts, from a DS touch screen and case to a laptop screw set, or cheap gadgets like the Supercard MiniSD and Sunshine Buddies then visit Deal Extreme. If you can get past the slow international speed (Averages 10 days for me) and poor translation, you'll love the free shipping, low prices, and random product browsing.

Emulation: Getting Smaller

Finding a reason to carry a portable console around is getting more and more difficult, especially for those of us stranded without the new DS in its surgical glory. But with the help of the Supercard Minisd and a 2G minisd card, all of the GBA owners can share the emulation glory. Get started playing your GB, GBA, NES, and SNES games now!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vader: Coming To Alderaan

The only movie better than "Star Wars" is "Coming to America" and when the two are combined, it's magic. It's similar to The Vader Sessio-Ah-Ha!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Twitter: All Six Types

While worthless tools like Twitter are on the rise, there are nice re-posting bots (See above) that will wade through all of the "I'm so going to blog about your twitter" tweets, and give you the raw emotions.

Facebook: Now Available For Download

Of course this can be found on a forum for Macs, it's the only way. But really, download Electronic Aggregate here.

Culture: Makes Less Sense In Graphs

When you see charts relating Global Warming to Pirate Population and laugh, that's nothing compared to the gems you will find on GraphJam.

Education: Now I've Got One

And it's all thanks to this shirt and poster, printed by TopatoCo, with another educational companion shirt on the way. Click for full sized image and make your own poster.

Magnetrons: Don't Belong In The Kitchen

Nearly all of my childhood dreams have now been realized. Now go microwave a grape.

Playlist: Dave Matthews Is Not On Mine

This is a great counter to sloppy websites that offer free MP3 streaming. With instant playlists, automatic resolution resizing for my N810, and similar artists play, it's my primary online listening source.

Clocks: Make Boring Screensavers

But this one is an exception. A moving time line is surprisingly neat, and I'm sure the code could easily be customized.

Safety: Is Not A Joke

The creativity of the homeland security artists is far above average. They would lose at Pictionary.

Hands: These Belong In Yours

All of these "Know your roots" shirts bother me, I don't believe that kid really ever played the original Batman for NES. Yes, it was better than Ninja Gaiden.

Posters: Not For $10

Obscure taste or a thin wallet make Block Posters the website for you. While you could do this in GIMP with a little more time, why wait if there is already a free program for it?

Electronics: Ripoffs Are Artistic

While Ashens got famous doing reviews he was not interested in, i sat back and laughed. It's worth going through his channel and watching the ripoff reviews.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Looking: Stop

As another weird artist, David Shrigley does some very passive and funny art. I feel that he and Craig might make a great team.

Craig: In Search Of Friends

"You've gotta get with my friends" or whatever that means. This has inspired me to try and find some weird friends as well.

Binary: It's Numbers

It's a neat tool for those of you who can't fluently read binary. 01011001 01101111 01110101 00100111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100011 01101000 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110010 01100100 00101110

Monday, June 8, 2009

Comics: Without Crappy One Liners

Subnormality has some good stuff, but not the Garfield that you grew up with. Most are long reads, but have come out to be worth the time.

Trends: Google Has Them

A great way to see comparatively what people are interested in when it comes to certain subjects online. Just don't even try to compare any search results to "Sex".

Google: How to

We all know that everyone Googles sex, and things related to it. But now google is beginning to expect it. It's a sad day on the internet.

Code: Still Complicated

In an interesting attempt to allow me to visualize game code, without a controller, Ben Fry has created code maps, which actually make a little sense to me. It would make a cool piece for a whole wall.

Hardware: Just For You

This Open Source hardware will allow you to run your independent made games, with that classic retro feel. Now if only it would run my backup Roms or IWBTG.

FairyTales: Now With Nutritional Facts

If there was a full series of these typography style informative fairy tales, I would watch every single one. Keep an eye on the wolf population.

Techno: Make Your Own

I'm well aware you can make Idaft say "Makes us harder" over and over. Now go try it for yourself!

Idols: A Risky Investment

This is a favorite animated film of mine, short but very interesting. Oh man, the part where he takes out the horse...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Realism: In The Future

Only being disappointed by the "Arrival" of the future has become a staple of the technological world. This video is the perfect recap of Microsoft's plans. (Possible NSFW Language)

Art: Not Just For Snobs

No matter how bad of a game Mario makes when translated to 3D, the idea is still a beautiful thing. Including many pieces of art that make me want a new wallpaper, Deviant Artist Orioto does some great interpretations.

Radio: Downgraded And Better That Way

This is how i discovered music like RAC and The Advantage. Can't say all of it makes me feel good, but it's fun to hear a monologue from a game you know. "Snake? SNAKE?! SNAAAAAKE!"

Remixes: Are Not Just For Techno

I find myself listening to the RAC daily. I can't stand listening to Lady Gaga, but the RAC cover makes "Just Dance" more than tolerable. Other notable songs: Solo Impala, A Link to the Past, and their cover of Super Mario Bros.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Alphabet: Not Boring Anymore

No longer will it be the pish posh, "Apple, Banana, Cat, Dog" alphabet, now it's the copy write infringement alphabet. As a professional, I can say that this belongs on the wall of every daycare around the world (With Local Adaptation of course).

Infomercials: A Better Way To Watch Them

The Sham-Wow guy is crazy, but he's also on the road to replacing T-pain. Even with the "Slap Chop" being such a crappy product, but I would buy it if it meant getting more great remakes.

Games: Can Be Confusing

If you can get through this, then we'll still never know if you have ADD, because that's all RCF is, coded ADD. If you manage to get through this one, move on to I Wanna Be The Guy (Which will quickly drive you to drink).

Hard Drives: Errors Sound Better

Remember that sweet BigFoot hard drive that your dad put in the old dosbox? Well, now it's back, and it's rocking harder than your dot matrix printer. I wish i had a flatbed bass like that. (Skip to 1:09, where the music starts)

Robots: They Can Be Lost And Alone Too

This video is worth a watch, if only for how interesting the drawn path of travel is. Something that actually gives me hope for the human race. I think this almost a biological cloud computer, but what if the Tweenbot looked homeless, would this have been as successful?

Gravity: We All Know It's Over Rated

If you thought regular Pacman was hard (Or sucked), then prepare to have the same opinion. If you manage to play for more than a few seconds you will get stuck, but know that the super pellets respawn. So, how does Pacman generate thrust?

Answers: From The Real World

Could this not be an appropriate answer to everything? "What about a sniper?" You might ask. To which I respond "It's TEAM Fortress 2." Plenty of other great drawings and essays, including the classic "Find X" response.